THE world's fastest shed was back at Pendine Sands last weekend to defend its title, topping 100mph on the famous sands.

Capable of travelling at over 100mph, the vehicle was amongst all sorts of unusual and conventional vehicles and motorbikes making record-breaking bids on the beach which is famous for its speed attempts.

Many unique classics and some of the most powerful street legal motorbikes in the UK were also seen in action at Straightliners Pendine, along with karts, cars and three-wheelers.

Straightliners Pendine is the European version of the iconic USA Bonneville Salt Flats speed record meeting, but without the very high cost of getting there for Europeans.

One of the unusual vehicles racing is Mission 100, named because of its tiny 100cc engine, and made with the aim of designing and building of a record breaking 'streamliner' on the tightest of budgets, along with a monowheel, and Kevin Nicks’ 100mph-plus shed.

All runs were officially timed and submitted for verification as a UK, European and or World land speed record.

Kevin said his runs were slightly hindered by the condition of the sand, which can vary from day-to-day, affecting top speed runs.

Kevin said: “It was absolutely amazing, a little down on speed which was due to what the sand was like, but still managed 102mph.

“Pendine is just the most magical place, being able to race along the beach that is steeped with such history is an honour.

“The people are so friendly and welcoming to all us racers too

“Pendine my favourite place that I race at, and I am at events most weekends all over the UK.”