The hunt is on for a mystery surfer who rescued a young girl from a rip tide on Friday.

Alice Amy Greasley’s daughter, Isabel, got into trouble on Manorbier beach on Friday afternoon.

She got caught in a dangerous rip current and was rescued by a mystery surfer, thought to be a local.

“A massive, massive massive thank you to the unknown surfer who pulled my daughter Isabel out if the rip current yesterday afternoon on Manorbier beach,” said Alice.

“She was under strict instructions from me not to go in the water, due to it being way too rough.

“I wasn't there, she was with family, being a little defiant, so she jumped in with a borrowed surf board and thought she could surf like a pro with the big boys.

“She had respect for the water before, and knows about rip currents, but in the moment was pretty shaken up, scared and now has a much much deeper respect for the sea.”

Rip tides, or currents, are caused by the shape of the shoreline itself, and they may be sudden and unexpected.

If caught in a rip tide, strong swimmers should swim for shore at a 45 angle to the current.

Weak swimmers should swim at a 90 angle to the current and escape its influence - rip tides tend to affect only a small area - before making for dry land.

Alice said that Isabel had learnt from her experience and thanked the mystery surfer who rescued her.

If you are the mystery surfer, or know who he is, contact