A Milford Haven man headbutted his neighbour after she told his partner to leave him, a court has heard.

Daniel William Phillips, of Chestnut Way, Mount Estate, pleaded guilty to assault when he appeared at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Tuesday, June 4.

Sian Vaughan, prosecuting, said the victim was head-butted and left with a bleeding nose after she intervened in an argument about a dog on November 18.

“Admissions were made by Mr Phillips in interview, he tried to minimise the offence and said it was ‘just a head’.”

Mike Kelleher, defending, said Phillips, 24, had been arguing with his partner who was relaying information to their next-door neighbour via text messages.

Phillips became annoyed when he saw the neighbour’s responses which stated that his partner should leave him.

Mr Kelleher said: “This lady was saying this in texts and he became upset and went to see her.

“He asked why on earth she was saying such things and unfortunately he used his head. To describe it as a headbutt is a bit generous. The injury caused was a bleeding nose.”

He added: “He accepted that it should not have happened and very much regrets what he did. The injury itself was not serious.”

The court heard that the complainant had now moved and there had been no further issues since the incident.

Magistrates imposed a 12-month community order with 100 hours of unpaid work and a 10-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

Phillips was ordered to pay £100 compensation to the victim and £170 in costs and a surcharge.