HAVERFORDWEST’s revived carnival will return for a second year in 2019, and the organisers are calling for help from residents of the town.

Haverfordwest Carnival will take place on Sunday, July 28, and will round off the town’s festival week for 2019.

The event will only go ahead if there are enough of participants, and the town council’s events team, which runs the carnival is looking for both entrants with floats and walking entries.

The events team is also looking for children to take part as carnival royalty, as well as for stalls and entertainment acts who will help to carry the party on after the march through the town has finished.

Crowds of people lines the streets of the town centre to watch the carnival parade from County Hall, up through High Street, and back down Barn Street before making its way to the Bridge Meadow.

Last year’s carnival was the first in several year and brought back the use of floats as part of the procession.

Floats had not been seen in Haverfordwest’s carnivals for some years, though a walking carnival took place up until a few years ago.

A year of the sea theme was given to participants to follow, to match with Visit Wales’ tourism campaign for 2018.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The return of Haverfordwest's carnival in 2018

Haverfordwest’s fire crew’s engine paved the way for the carnival’s floats, which were led by a sled carrying the carnival queens and princess.

The sled was decorated with knitted flowers courtesy of the town’s secretive yarn bombers.

Other floats joining the parade included the Ladies Circle, Haverfordwest Services Club, two floats from Prendergast, and Pure West Radio.

The carnival finished at Bridge Meadow, where there was fun and games for the families taking part to enjoy.

Application forms for Carnival Royalty, Entry, Entertainment and Stalls are all available on the Haverfordwest Town Council website: haverfordwesttown.co.uk