There are 102 families in Pembrokeshire with court orders against them for not paying for their children's school dinners.

Next week councillors will discuss the future of the schools meals service including cashless systems, pay increases and new debt recovery policies.

A report to the schools and learning overview and scrutiny committee states that there are 675 families in school dinner arrears with total debts hitting £185,941.

Some families owe up to £2,800.

It adds that 31 families owe more than £1,000, 74 have debts between £500 and £1,000, 306 families owe between £100 and £500 and 264 owe up to £100.

The report adds that 85 have made arrangements to repay the debt and 185 have been referred to the council's legal department, with 102 of those issued with court orders.

Draft debt recovery measures will include the possibility of children being refused school meals and referrals to the council's social care team if packed lunches are not provided, according to the report.

It also intends to increase the uptake of free school meals with the cashless system, at both primary and secondary schools, making it anonymous.

Parents will be required to clear the debts of year six pupils before they head to secondary school if they are to access the service.

A number of recommendations will be discussed to increase pupil uptake of free and paid school meals, reduce costs and reduce subsidy of the service at next week's meeting.