A man held knives towards his partner in a ‘sacrificial offer’ after assaulting her during an argument.

Lewis Liam Haines, of Flemish Court, Lamphey, pleaded guilty to assault when he appeared at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Wednesday, March 13.

Sian Vaughan, prosecuting, told the court that Haines, 28, and his then-partner argued on February 15.

“She was crying and trying to get out of the property and he was preventing her from doing that. She felt trapped and rang the police.”

The call was disconnected when Haines grabbed the phone from her hand, and the victim stated: “At that point he just exploded and grabbed me.”

Haines threw the woman into a door, then went into the kitchen and returned with two knives which he held towards her at chest height stating: “Come on then.”

His partner called 999 from the living room, but Haines threw her onto the sofa and the call disconnected.

Jonathan Webb, defending, said Haines immediately admitted his guilt when interviewed, and it was a one-off incident.

Mr Webb added that things had calmed down during the evening, as the couple had ordered a pizza and sat down together to eat it.

“They were both physical towards each other, but he is stronger and should not have pushed her away forcefully.”

“They are still trying to work out their problems.

“It was an argument that got out of hand."

Mr Webb told the court Haines picked up the knives stating: “You want to kill me don’t you?”

“He was not threatening her, it was an offer for him to be sacrificial at her hands. During arguments before she would say ‘I wish you were dead’. People say horrible things when they are arguing.”

Magistrates imposed a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered Haines to pay £120 in costs and a surcharge.