A RETIRED Naval officer, forced into taking a temporary break from her solo 5,500-mile coastal charity walk, decided to give a talk to a group of former naval women, by joining them at their monthly meeting in Haverfordwest.

Commander Jane Allen is taking part in the Victory Walk, a solo anti-clockwise charity walk around the coastline of mainland Britain, started in 2017 to mark the centenary of the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS).

She had already completed more than 4,000 miles of the walk, before a fall near Milford Haven left her with damaged shoulder tendons.

While she waits for the tendons to heal, Jane agreed to talk about the Victory Walk by joining members of the Pembrokeshire branch of the Association of Wrens at The Glen, Haverfordwest.

She got more than she bargained for when Sue Keen, the branch treasurer, presented her with a £50 donation from group members.

“I was delighted to receive this kind and unexpected gift. Following my recent accident which has seen me ‘grounded’ in Milford Haven, it was a real boost for morale,” said Jane.

“Since starting from HMS Victory, Portsmouth, on Trafalgar Day 2017, serving and former naval women around the country have been incredibly helpful in all sorts of ways. They’ve provided us with safe parking and hot meals, but this cash donation was a real bonus.

“What made it more special was that this part of Pembrokeshire has such a strong Royal Navy heritage stretching back hundreds of years.”

Wrens Chairman Kathy Llewellyn said: “The ‘Wrens’ were so impressed by Jane’s efforts to get to Pembrokeshire that they wished to show their support for her charity walk. It’s not every day that someone walks over 4,300 miles to see us at our monthly get together at The Glen.”

Jane added: “Since my accident, these past few weeks have been tough, however, everyone we’ve met in the area has been incredibly helpful and friendly. When I get going again, I know we’ll be sad to leave this corner of Pembrokeshire.”

The Victory Walk is raising money for two Naval charities: WRNS BT and RNRMC.

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