SUBSIDISED swimming is the latest leisure service set to see an increase in cost, pending approval from the cabinet member in charge.

Increases in leisure services fees and charges across Pembrokeshire will bring in an extra £60,000 to £70,000 a year if use remains the same but is not at full cost recovery levels.

A report supporting a recommendation for approval states that “Pembrokeshire County Council will continue to provide in excess of the minimum criteria of the funded free swimming scheme.

“The amendments in charges are to continue to provide subsidised services for those most susceptible to cost as being a barrier to participation.”

Under the proposals, an adult attending a weekend free family swim session will pay £2 from April 1, a £1 increase, and there will be a 50p increase for loyalty card holders. Children will remain free.

A holiday family swim pass for four people, up to two adults, will be available for £5 but only during specific times.

The report adds that the fee change aims to limit the impact of a possible 28 per cent reduction in funding and be able to “maintain an offer rather than lose all together.”

The decision will be taken by Cllr Paul Miller, cabinet member for the economy, leisure and tourism, under delegated powers.

Cllr Miller approved more wide ranging increases last month, the majority of around 10p to 30p per activity such as swimming or classes and around £1 to £2 for more for hiring facilities.

The ‘Passport to Leisure Scheme’ and loyalty scheme charges remain mostly unchanged to “ensure the cost of accessing leisure service remains affordable for individuals and families with very low income,” adds the report.