PARENTS and children protested outside County Hall in Haverfordwest today (Friday, February 15) to call on the county council to take climate change seriously.

Around 60 people took part, many of them children who had missed school to take part.

The demonstration was part of the Youth Strike 4 Climate campaign, inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who was skipped school every Friday for six months to lobby her government into action on global warming.

Among the protesters taking part locally was Rozanna Niazi from Cardigan, who said she felt compelled to take part on behalf of her children and the next generation.

“I worry about my children’s future, and their children’s futures,” she said.

“It’s finding that balance between not scaring the living day lights out of them and giving them hope that something can be done to change it if the will is there.”

She said climate change was not “some distant global issue”.

“It is affecting our communities in our locality, for example, with floods displacing families in Llechryd less than six months ago.

“I have friends who were forced from their homes because of that - this is not just something happening in the Maldives and far flung places, it’s happening here and now.”

She added: “It might seem like small beer, waving banner and shouting slogans, but it’s important if only to show our kids we care.

“Unless people realise it’s going to happen to them nothing will change."

Ysgol y Preseli pupil Jencyn, aged 13, said protecting the planet was a "very special cause".

"We need to let the government and people know how important it is, because there’s only one planet, there’s no Planet B."

Cris Tomos, Cabinet member for the environment and the Welsh Language, said the council was grateful for the opportunity to meet families and discuss the council’s plans for the future.

“We’re looking at what we can do as an authority to improve our carbon footprint and improve the future for young people in terms of the climate, recycling and general eco activity," he said.

“We are looking at how we can reduce energy use, how we can control carbon, how we can recycle effectively within the authority

“We are actively looking at climate change issues that affect Pembrokeshire.”

After the protest, families spoke with Cllr Tomos in council chambers, where youngsters raised issues such as the importance of cycling, concerns about fracking, and implored the council to use more green energy - such as installing solar panels on its buildings.