A GROUP of parents will be taking their children out of school to protest on behalf of the planet tomorrow (Friday).

Mums, dads and children will meet outside County Hall in Haverfordwest, as part of direct action against climate change.

A larger Youth Strike 4 Climate protest will take place in Cardiff, but local families wanting to make their voices heard have also organised smaller events to show their support.

Among them is Rozanna Niazi from Cardigan, who said she felt compelled to take part on behalf of the next generation.

“I worry about my children’s future, and their children’s futures,” she said.

“It’s finding that balance between not scaring the living daylights out of them and giving them hope that something can be done to change it if the will is there.”

Rozanna said the idea started life at the school gates and advanced through social media.

“There’s a group of mums who know each other from school or home schooling, and we decided to get organised,” she said.

She said climate change was not “some distant global issue”.

“It is affecting our communities in our locality, for example, with floods displacing families in Llechryd less than six months ago.

“I have friends who were forced from their homes because of that, and I’ve spoken to farmers who say they’ve never seen weather like this.

“This is not just something happening in the Maldives and far flung places, it’s happening here and now.”

Tivyside Advertiser:

Parents who take their children out of school for the protest face incurring an ‘unauthorised absence’, but Rozanna said it was vital to show her children that she cares about their future.

“I feel quite desperate at times,” she said.

“It might seem like small beer, waving banner and shouting slogans, but it’s important if only to show our kids we care.

“Unless people realise it’s going to happen to them nothing will change.

“Even if five of us turn up it will be worth it.”

The Western Telegraph contacted Pembrokeshire County Council to ask what would happen if children take the day off to protest.

A spokesman said responses were "up to the discretion of individual headteachers".

The protest will take place at 10.15am outside County Hall in Haverfordwest, with another protest planned in Cardigan.