SHOPPERS at John Lewis will now be able to enjoy a taste of the Pembrokeshire coast.

Seasoned with local seaweed, vanilla, clove and orange, Barti Ddu Rum has been tickling tastebuds since its release in 2017.

Having already amassed a strong customer base, the drink will now sit alongside a curated selection of 'posh rums' at John Lewis.

Following gin's stratospheric rise over the last few years, rum is pegged as 'the next big thing' for choosy modern drinkers.

Barti Ddu is made by Jonathan Williams, seaweed fanatic and founder of The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company.

"Rum in general is clearly on the way to becoming the next gin, or so we hope," said Fran Barnikel, Jonathan's business partner.

"We're seeing dark spirit mixers cropping up and it looks like the drinks industry is readying itself for more craft spirits to enter the market.

"The millennial generation isn't content with the traditional staples, they want to try something new all the time, this is brilliant for us, it keeps things fresh and means you always have to keep developing and changing, which is all part of the fun."

"Barti grew a great deal in 2018 going from supplying a handful of delis and bars locally to reaching out nationally," added Fran.

"Still our customers are very much independents. which is really great. but there has been some interest from one of the supermarkets and now of course John Lewis."

If you don't fancy a trip to Cardiff to pick up a bottle, Barti Ddu is available direct from the producers, or from several Pembrokeshire retailers.