I SEE that Eleanor Clegg is still in denial that we are heading into a cooling period (Letters, January 31). The experts at NASA have admitted that there has been no noticeable increase in world temperatures for 19 successive years.

Also Professor of Mathematics Valentina Zharkova(PhD in astrophysics), who works at Northampton University, has stated that solar magnetic activity has not been so low since the “Launder Minimum”, when the river Thames froze over from 1745 to 1815.

Sun spot count is also at its lowest since that period.

She has predicted that the Earth is slowly heading into a mini-ice age. All the signs are there for anyone to read.

I’ve noticed that our Friends of the Earth and the Greenies have changed their battle cry from global warming to climate change, because Al Gore has had all his predictions of disaster proven to be completely wrong.

I would like to remind them that climate change has been happening for the last 4½ billion years. Having 405ppm of CO2 is not a disaster, without it plant life would not survive. I’m pleased that Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement, the only world leader with any sense.

Eleanor Clegg states that the oil tanker SS Sanchi which sank off China last month was caused by the greed of the human race for fossil fuels. It was caused due to a collision with a cargo ship, accidents will always happen regardless of the cargo. If that ship had contained plastic ducks, I suppose she would blame it on our greed for plastic ducks!

How does she expect the people of Pembrokeshire to keep their homes warm and to cook their meals without relying on fossil fuels? I wonder if she is willing to turn off her electricity and gas supplies for the next month and see how she manages only relying on wind turbines and solar panels.