A NORTH Pembrokeshire village has been crowned the wettest place in the UK - although much of the county is pushing hard for similar recognition.

Eglwyswrw and its 700 residents are believed to be enduring the longest spell of consecutive rainy days in the UK for 92 years.

It started raining on October 26 last year and has rained every day since – with no signs of letting up.

Locals say the rainfall has been of biblical proportions, with businesses being affected and farmers forced to bring in their animals and let their crops rot due to waterlogged fields.

To make things worse they do not have a watering hole to drown their sorrows because both local pubs are closed.

The constant deluge means the usual sleepy village has hit the national headlines, and been put firmly on the weather map.

Brian Llewelyn runs Brian Llewelyn A'i Ferched Country Stores. He said villagers find it funny that Eglwyswrw has made the national press.

“Most people take five minutes just to pronounce it,” he joked.

“Just this morning (Monday) we had GMTV do a live weather forecast from outside the church, but we weren’t given much air time with David Bowie dying on the same day.”

Brian has been measuring the rainfall since September, recording eight inches of rain in November and 14 inches in December.

“At least wellington and umbrella sales have been going well,” he said.

Sarra Megan, who lives in the village, said: “'It’s quite surprising that Eglwyswrw has made the headlines, considering the weather has been bad across the whole country.

“Some people are certainly in a lot worse position than we are. Having said that, we are getting increasingly worried about our mini dachshund Oli, who hates the rain.

“We are thinking of taking him to canine counselling therapy to help him overcome his winter blues.”

It would seem the only silver lining to the clouds over Eglwswrw is that, unlike other parts of the country, it never floods as it sits 423ft above sea level.

Emma Sharples, a MET Office press officer and meteorologist, said: “As with many western and northern areas, Pembrokeshire has seen large amounts of rainfall over the past month.

“For December Pembrokeshire recorded 306.2mm of rain, 207% of the average figure for December of 147.8mm. This makes December 2015 the second wettest on record after 1934 when 307.0mm of rainfall was recorded. This is using figure dating back to 1910.”

She added: “This week should bring some drier, brighter weather for the region, although there will still be showers at times with a spell of rain likely on Wednesday. It will feel colder too, with some showers turning wintry, especially over hills.”