Down the years the Netpool beauty spot overlooking the River Teifi in Cardigan has been known locally as a lover's lane, and on Saturday was the venue for the town's first semi-pagan wedding.

Martin and his bride Jo chose Netpool because there are Druid stones located at the site.

They did not opt for a more conventional wedding, explaining that they and many of their friends were non-believers.

"We have the utmost respect for religions, but we felt it would be hypocritical and disrespectful to be married in a church or chapel," said local builder Martin.

The half hour ceremony attended by scores of guests was held inside the circle of Gorsedd stones.

High Priestess Angie and Druid Priest Isna conducted the ceremony, which is believed to date back before Saxon times.

On Friday evening the High Priestess and Druid Priest blessed the circle, and before the start of the ceremony the following day blessed the four corners of the Netpool site.

Instead of hymns there were a number of chants, and as noon approached the High Priestess tied the couple's wrists together with silken cloths.

Aware that the marriage is not recognised in the eyes of the law Martin said: "What is important is that we love each other and are together."