by Jackie Biggs. A fox was put to sleep by vets after it suffered shocking injuries in the jaws of an illegal gin trap.

The male animal was found with its leg caught in the vicious trap in the garden of grandmother Mrs Jeannie Camm, just outside Llechryd.

She contacted the RSPCA and took the exhausted fox to the Teifi Vet Centre in Cardigan.

"I was extremely distressed to find the fox in this condition," Mrs Camm told the Tivy-Side. "It was horrendous. The animal could have been in the trap for days dragging it around. His leg was badly broken and he was very weak."

Mrs Camm saw the injured fox with the trap on its front leg in the garden of her smallholding.

She said: "I have small grandchildren who play in my garden, and I have dogs and other animals. It concerns me greatly that someone is setting these traps in this area. The jaws of the trap are big enough to go round a child’s leg. That’s a horrendous thought."

Veterinary surgeon Emily McAteer, said: "The fox was very weak and in a state of shock. By his condition I would say he had been caught in the trap for some time. I am horrified that these traps are still used. It is disgraceful that this animal was put through so much pain and distress."

RSPCA inspector Richard Abbott is investigating the incident and is appealing to people to come forward with any information they may have.

"I am disgusted that someone set this trap being fully aware that whatever crossed its path was going to be caused extreme pain and suffering. This animal could have suffered for days," he said.

"Gin traps are illegal and whoever was responsible for setting it has committed a criminal offence. I appeal to anyone who may know who is setting these traps locally to please get in touch so that we can prevent further animals suffering the same appalling fate."

Anyone with information is urged to call the RSPCA national cruelty and advice line on 0300 1234 999.