To mark 2010 a memorable exhibition of our history is planned and we need the memories held in your photo albums, your sheds and your attics to make it a real success!!

It’s a simple process: Stage I You bring in your photographs and objects Stage 2 Our trained team scan and index photographs which are logged and receipted and returned to you.

Stage 3 Your treasures displayed in the final exhibition!!

Stage 4 A digital archive will keep the memories safe for the future.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL CARRY YOUR NAME INTO HISTORY We want pictures of everything from architecture, businesses, old-time farming, families, civil events, sporting moments, town celebrations, local characters, you name it we want it, especially old postcards and glass slides.

Memories you carry in your head : We also want these. We can arrange to record you talking to one of our history team. If you have a good tale to tell let us know.

Mementoes of anything local: Important items like presentation mugs, plates, uniforms, programmes, posters, etc. to be logged and receipted and returned.

The first scanning days have been organised for the 10th and 11th of July 2009. Others will be arranged if needed. For more information phone 01239 614343 and ask for the 2010 office.