Dear Editor, Many aspects of the Welsh Assembly's decision to cull badgers in a trial programme have been aired, mainly concerning the scientific basis for the decision. There are a few other questions, however, which also need answers, such as what effect such a decision will have on the image of Wales? Who will want to visit Pembrokeshire for a holiday for example?

It would also be pertinent to ask about whether legislation will need to be passed to allow access onto private land to look for badgers, and to trap and kill them? Not a very popular measure among land-owners.

Finally, who will actually be carrying out the trapping and killing? It would seem unlikely that DEFRA vets will be, nor perhaps our own hard-pressed Welsh vets. The literature suggests that trapping badgers is a difficult task (unless dogs are going to be involved), while shooting a struggling badger in a cage also requires skills which are not commonly to be found.

I wonder when the Welsh Assembly or Elin Jones will be going public on these issues of public concern?

F Miller Aberporth.