The time-line of Cardigan’s history is long and in the 900 years of its existence it has gone through many changes. It has spoken many languages; been the foremost town in the county; had its own princely family; hosted royalty; endured battle; sheltered pilgrims; been famous for its estuary and port; and given birth to some great poetry, art and music.

Evidence of these things remain in the town – the shell of the castle, the buildings on the quay, and around the town. These places have transformed over the generations from their original purposes to the needs of the changing centuries, and now as we settle into the 21st century we are looking at them again and seeing they are putting on a new face, a face for many more years ahead.

900 is a great age for a town and we should celebrate its history just as we look to its future. So where do we pitch our celebrations? In a way we have a head start because Cardigan is already seen as a ‘Town of Festivals’, and that provides a fantastic and unique framework on which to build a glittering birthday party.

There are certain ingredients to a celebration which could be said to be the same the world over; good music, great entertainment, a generous helping of art and culture, delicious food, some sport, and a plentiful supply of fun activities to keep all the family happy.

To date the organisers in Cardigan are doing rather well on all scores.

In August of 2010 for instance there will be one of the biggest and best celebratory week-ends the town of Cardigan has ever seen.

Though some of the special music and entertainment treats must remain under wraps for now, what can be told is that legendary Welsh rock band Jess will be in town for a one-night only gig at Theatr Mwldan, and rumour has it that Dai Jones of Cefn Gwlad, will be presenting a variety concert of Welsh media stars.

There is to be a Grand Fair, the very same, only bigger, than the one that is usually tucked away in the dark days of November, and not only will the town rock to the sounds of the rides and folk having fun, but it will finish up with a grand finale of fireworks lighting up the night sky – just to let everyone for miles around know that Cardigan is celebrating its birthday! Throughout the same week there are events and concerts at St Mary’s Church, hymn singing on the quay, a kids disco, a boating pageant and more.

The traditional annual events like Barley Saturday, Medieval Day and the River and Food Festival will have an additional 2010 spin on them as they come up through the year, and there is of course more to come as ideas keep coming thick and fast.

But it’s a very good start.