It is now only 13 months to the start of the 2010 celebrations marking Cardigan’s 900th anniversary.

The 2010 committee is looking at a central festive week from August 14-21 with concerts, celebrations and special events.

But what else will be going on during that year?

If you belong to a club or society that is planning to put on a special event let us know so we can put it on a central calendar.

You can contact the 2010 committee via the Tivy-Side or email

There are literally scores of clubs, groups and organisations in the area and it would be fantastic if every one of them put on a special event - no matter how small - to mark Cardigan’s special year.

For instance, we know that the town boxing club is planning a celebrity boxing show dinner during the spring of 2010. What are other clubs thinking about?

Let us know.

The next meeting of the 2010 committee is on Monday, November 17.