Pembrokeshire residents now have the option of booking same day visits to the county’s Waste and Recycling Centres (WRCs).

The same day visit option has been introduced by Pembrokeshire County Council following requests from the public.

Slots are simple to book through the My Account service, via the Pembrokeshire County Council website or by phone (see below).

The requirement to book a slot ahead of visiting a WRC was made permanent in November 2021.

The booking system has improved traffic management at WRCs and had health and safety benefits to the public and staff.


It has also reduced the level of misuse of WRCs by commercial users disposing of chargeable waste as domestic waste and has reduced the amount of cross border waste.

Similar booking systems are used by several other local authorities in Wales.

We’re pleased to have introduced the option for a same day visit to our Waste and Recycling Services as we know this has been widely requested,” said Pembrokeshire cabinet member Rhys Sinnett.

“The ability to book same day appointments has had a soft launch over previous weeks to test the system and has already proved popular. “We hope this provides residents with more flexibility as to when they can book their slot at a WRC.”

To book a slot for a WRC you can: use My Account if you are registered Book directly on the PCC website: or call 01437 764551.

Please remember to take ID (showing the address on your booking) with you to your appointment.

Full guidelines and further information on booking and attending a WRC appointment is available at: