THE never-ending saga of a broken fence on a Cardigan housing state continues.

Residents of Bro Teifi – assisted by former town mayor Debra Griffiths – have been pressing for repairs to be carried out on the dilapidated fence bordering the busy Cardigan By-Pass.

One, Michael Hutchinson, said he feared the broken section of fencing would enable young children to run out onto the adjacent A487 trunk road where traffic thunders past mere metres away.

Now county councillor Elaine Evans has admitted the fence at the bottom of Bro Teifi was proving ‘problematic’ to repair as no-one was admitting responsibility.

Barcud Housing Association have confirmed the fence is not on their land and have previously produced maps to support this.

Cllr Evans disclosed she was not having any luck with the highways authorities either.

“Both Barcud and the South Wales Trunk Road Agency are denying responsibility,” she told fellow town councillors. “Both agencies have received emails and photographs.

“The imminent danger is for a child to go through the gap caused by a collapsed fence and down onto the bypass.

“Initial enquiries were made by Debra Griffiths, after receiving concerns from a resident.

“The time is dragging on with no resolution in sight.”

Speaking back in March, Mr Hutchinson said the fence had been left in an ‘appalling’ state for the past four years.

“I’ve seen children going through the gaps and some people using it as a short cut,” he said.

“What I cannot understand is why nothing’s been done about what is really a pretty short piece of fencing.

“We’re only talking about a stretch of about twenty metres here – the rest of the fence is in really good nick.”