CARDIGAN FC have unveiled bold plans to establish a new headquarters in town in the very week that Wales reached their first World Cup finals in 64 years.

The Magpies, who currently share the King George V Playing Fields in an occasionally uneasy relationship with Cardigan RFC, want to base themselves at their own pitch at Maes Radley – and are now seeking to enlist the support of town councillors.

In a letter to the authority, club sponsor Robert Davies described the logistics of running seven different football teams on one pitch as ‘a nightmare’.

“We need a pitch of our own,” he added, “and we’re looking at Maes Radley which Cardigan RFC formerly used.

“We want to take it over as the rugby club no longer have a lease on it.

“Can we take out a new lease on that land and get a fence around the pitch along with some working lights?”

Members were told more details would be revealed when a delegation from Cardigan FC outlined their plans at the council’s next monthly meeting.