THE MOD has appealed to fishing crews and sailors to keep away from a large section of water in Cardigan Bay throughout most of June as they carry out trials.

The MOD in Aberporth will be carrying out the trial activity between June 6 and 24 during weekdays. During the trial, the water is off-limits to anyone not taking part in this activity.

A message was issued to local clubs advising of the trial, which the MOD says has one of the ‘biggest weapon safety traces that we use.’

They have asked that all who may sail in the area keep away, particularly during the period of 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

The area specified is in the yellow circle on the map and covers 18NM.


The MOD also said: “We realise that it is a lot to ask, but can you remain clear of this area.”

They added: “We realise that the sailing season is now getting underway and that you have a lot of activities planned, but can we please ask that you make your members aware of our trial activity and ask that they steer around the safety area during this period please.”

The MOD will be making hourly broadcasts on IMM channel 16 and 11 throughout the days of the trial and anyone who wishes to find out more can contact the MOD on 01239 813 760.