A Pembrokeshire shire horse selected for the Queen’s Household Cavalry made his debut at the first Royal celebrations to be held for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this weekend.

Ed, a shire horse from the Dyfed Shire Horse Farm in Eglwyswrw featured in the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

As well as making his debut, Ed was also given his official name of Major Apollo from the Queen.

Ed was selected as the newest member of the Queen’s Household Cavalry back in 2019.

He followed the proud tradition set by Celt Mercury Drumhorse into Royal service. Celt unfortunately died last year and was buried back at the farm where he was born.

The farm bought Ed as a yearling in 2016. He was a great favourite with visitors and had his first brush with royalty back in 2018 when he pulled a cart carrying the Duchess of Cornwall around the farm, not flinching when the duchess took the reins.

On Ed’s selection for the household cavalry the farm’s Mark Cole said: “Ed is the most calm, laid back and relaxed of the gentle giant breed,” said farm’s Mark Cole. “We know that he will go on to do great things in London.”

After his debut this weekend Mark said: “Ed will continue with the loyal association that our Eglwyswrw farm and family has with The Household Cavalry and The Band of The Household Cavalry following in the hooves of the one and only Celt - Major Mercury, who was born and who now sleeps eternally, back on our farm.

“In Celt's memory and in the memory of those who went before us namely John Rees Lewis, Lance Cole and Howard Lewis who helped pave the way in years past for the farm to play its long-term role in such matters, we salute each and every one.

“Well done Ed, now Major Apollo. Do Celt and the family proud. We know you will.”

Mark asked any of the farm’s friends and supporters who have photos of Ed on the farm to share them on Facebook and ‘share in our family pride at his great achievements’.

Pictures: Daydream Equine Art