CARDIGAN’S next mayor has decided to donate money meant to provide food at his mayor-making to the town’s foodbank instead.

Cllr Trystan Phillips made the surprise announcement in his first meeting as council chairman at Tuesday night’s meeting in Cardigan Castle.

It was immediately greeted met by a warm round of applause from his fellow councillors who will see Cllr Phillips succeed his predecessor Debra Griffiths in the ceremony at Cardigan Guildhall on Tuesday, May 24.

“It’s usually custom at the end of such ceremonies as the mayor-making that the audience and members are invited for refreshments after the occasion,” he told the Tivy-Side afterwards.

“I sincerely felt that - in this age of ever-increasing hardship with the rise in cost of living, and so many families already struggling with their household bills, and no obvious path to improvement in the coming months - that to donate the money that would have been used to the local foodbank would be best and appropriate as it is an increasingly important facility for the town.

“I am also sure - having known many of the town councillors for many years - that they would have made the same choice.

“We are all delegated members there to serve the people of Cardigan and I hope this shows our intent as a Council to put the needs of others above ourselves.

“I will apologise in advance to members of the audience who will be travelling far for the ceremony - some my own family - but would also like to point out that we have many fantastic food and drink establishments in town available that would appreciate their custom!”