PLANS are underway to establish a permanent memorial to much-loved musicians Richard and Wyn Jones in Cardigan.

The brothers, best known for their work with influential Welsh pop heroes Ail Symudiad, died within weeks of one another last year.

Now a long-time friend has approached Cardigan Town Council with the aim of siting a fitting memorial to the pair on land at Tenby Road, near Fflach Studios which the brothers established over forty years ago.

“It’s my view that the two boys deserve a fitting tribute from the people of the town,” said Richard Davies, “perhaps a plaque or stone?”

On hearing that a four-foot rustic chunk of bluestone fitted with a plaque had been proposed, members agreed to give the matter some consideration.

Cllr Elaine Evans wondered if there was a way of also commemorating other well-known local figures who had sadly died, including David R Edwards and Tommo.

Cllr Richard Jones revealed plans were ongoing at setting up a ‘jukebox’ dedicated to the songs of local performers such as Fflach and the late Martin Radley.

He said another idea was to create a piece of artwork based on the Beatles’ celebrated Abbey Road album cover.

“Richard and Wyn Jones probably did more for local music than anyone else,” commented Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh.