CARDIGAN Town Council’s seven new members were warmly welcomed on to the authority by mayor-elect Cllr Trystan Phillips on Tuesday night.

The seven – all Welsh Liberal Democrats – were elected as the local party enjoyed an astonishing turnaround in their fortunes in a one-time Plaid stronghold.

Along with county councillors Elaine Evans and the newly-elected Sian Maehrlein, the new batch consisting of Teresa Harries, Philippa Noble, David Maehrlein, Nick Bolton, Marilyn Farmer, Olwen Davies and Stephen Greenhalgh captured nine of the town council’s 14 seats.

The Lib Dems' sole disappointment was the loss of Yvonne O’Neill, who missed out on re-election by a solitary vote in Teifi Ward.

In what proved a disappointing election for the Cardigan branch of Plaid Cymru, deputy mayor-elect Steffan Morgan failed to get re-elected in Mwldan Ward, while Morvenna Richards also failed to return in Rhyd-y-Fuwch.

The surprise decision of long-time party stalwart John Adams-Lewis to stand as an Independent and the standing down of Graham Evans, Debra Griffiths and Shan Williams means the one-time ruling party are now reduced to a rump of just four councillors.

Catrin Miles – who lost her county council seat to Elaine Evans – Clive Davies, Richard Jones – who missed out in his bid for a county council seat to Cllr Sian Maehrlein - and Trystan Phillips.

“The people of Aberteifi can consider themselves fortunate to have had so many candidates coming forward seeking election to the town council,” Cllr Phillips told his new colleagues, in his welcoming address at Cardigan Castle.

“So many areas up and down the country lacked candidates to even hold an election.

“I am sure we will all work together for the good of the town over the course of the next year and look forward to the next twelve months.”