A DOZEN intrepid open water swimmers took the plunge at Aberporth's Dolwen Beach, to highlight the link between Fairtrade and Climate Justice.

This final event of Fairtrade Fortnight 2022, arranged by Newcastle Emlyn Fair Trade Group, was a 'Hold Back The Tide' swim.

“The climate crisis is hitting low-income countries the hardest,” a spokesperson told the Tivy-Side.

“Increasingly extreme weather is destroying bananas, coffee, cocoa, tea and other crops, many of which we, in the West, love to consume.

“The people who produce these favourite food commodities have contributed the least to the climate crisis yet are facing the most severe consequences and their low income makes it impossible to invest in adapting to climate change.”

“We really appreciated how fellow swimmers came out to support this campaign,”' said Jill Sutton from the Fair Trade Group.

“Many came dressed as trees, coffee bags or bananas, and 'trees' were decorated with chocolate, coffee, tea wrappers and bananas, before we all symbolically reversed into the sea to 'hold back the tide'.”

This fun event was designed to bring into focus the serious problem of climate change and how choosing Fairtrade products puts more power and money into the hands of the farmers and workers.

This means they have more resources to take on the climate crisis.

The event also raised money for the Malawian Fairtrade sugar Co-operative, Kasinthula Cane Growers Association, who have recently been hit by severe tropical cyclone Storm Ana.

This community in Malawi have a special place in the hearts of the Fair Trade Group as Allan Saidi, chairperson of the association, came to Newcastle Emlyn in 2015 and planted a commemorative tree.

Spokesperson Lenshina Hines said: “We are really grateful to all those who have contributed to the fund so far.

“Allan has just sent us more photographs of the devastating damage to property and land in his community so we will be continuing to collect money for flood relief until Saturday, March 26.”


Donations can be made in BAFTS accredited Fair Trade shop, Fair and Fabulous, 17 Sycamore Street, Newcastle Emlyn.