AN independent animal rescue centre near Llandysul has raised £5,000 to provide vital surgery for two adorable corgi puppies.

Alpet Poundies Rescue, who rely entirely on donations from supporters, have taken on the pups, Thelma and Louise.

They have ectopic ureters, so an online crowdfunding page was set up to help fund the substantial veterinary costs.

"Alpet Poundies Rescue is a small, independent rescue centre," owner Linda White posted to the JustGiving site. "We are not funded by any public money and rely on the kindness and generosity of people.

"Thelma and Louise came in to Alpet Poundies Rescue at around eight weeks from a corgi breeder as unsold pups. We were excited to find homes for such a rare and beautiful breed and all seemed well.

"On arrival, we noticed that they had some urine scald on them and their fur was stained and it soon became apparent that they were urinary incontinent.

"We hoped this would be a simple infection that could be treated, but after a long course of antibiotics we have seen no improvement. Urine samples haven’t shown anything either.

"In consultation with our vets, we believe they could have a rare hereditary condition called ectopic ureter.

"These young pups are an absolute bundle of fun and deserve a chance to live a happy healthy life.

"We have been saving up for a new roof on the kennels, but even if we used all that money, it still wouldn't be enough for even one surgery."

On reaching the initial target of £5,000 on Wednesday (January 26), Ms White said: "This is truly incredible! We are such a small rescue that raising this amount of money blows our minds.

"On reaching our target we know that corgi puppies, Thelma and Louise’s vets bills are covered. We never would have let them go without the surgery, but it would have been a huge financial worry for us."

Donations can still be made on the JustGiving crowdfunding site HERE.