A DISGRUNTLED St Dogmaels motorist has written to Ceredigion County Council highway chiefs urging for the completion of roadworks he reckons have been ongoing for the past two years.

Tim Richards, a journalist and author, has called for the resolution of roadworks on the A484 east of Cardigan.

In an email to County Hall, he said: “I can't be sure, but I bet they've been there for two years - two years of wasting everyone's time.

“Since lockdowns have ended I have driven frequently to Carmarthen where several sections of roadworks giving new support to highways whose edges had crumbled have been completed.

“Three repaired sections I was not even aware had even begun! So congratulations to Carmarthenshire County Council.

“In the last couple of weeks - adding to everyone's annoyance - we have extremely slow, three-way lights at the junction of Gwbert Road and Verwig Road on the B4548 just northwest of Cardigan town. These are there for a private housing development.

“My question is whether those roadworks will take as long to complete as those on the A484?

“Or will the developer be expected to complete works at the periphery of his site urgently - and before the entire site is completed in a couple of years’ time?

“I am Just wondering if the A484 traffic control will ever be removed? If not, why not or better still when?

“And can we get the Verwig junction back into normal use soon?

Replying to Mr Richards’ query, Cardigan councillor John Adams-Lewis said: “There have been various problems at this site for many months.

“I can see that your e-mail has been sent to Cllr Dafydd Edwards, the cabinet member responsible for Highways, who will, I am sure, respond to your concerns.”