Welsh Marine Life Rescue has renewed calls for people to keep their distance from seal pups after one was rescued on Penbryn beach.

During the breeding season, from August to December, white seal pups are often seen alone on beaches or rocky outcrops along the coast.

The mother, however, is usually close by, so people are always urged to keep their distance so she can return to her pup to feed it.

Disturbance can result in the pups being abandoned, and dying from malnourishment and dehydration as they are unable to swim and fish.

"We are getting lots of calls about pups on our beaches, which is fantastic," said a spokesperson.

"But it is sad and frustrating when we hear about disturbance by dogs and selfie hunters.

"Please, please, please keep your distance and dog on a lead. A good guide is if a seal on land looks at you, you've disturbed it.

"The team were tasked to pick up a seal pup from Penbryn beach.

"At 3-4 weeks old seal pups are weaned off mum's milk and at about the same time they shed their fluffy white coat.

"At this age they are still vulnerable. It takes a few weeks for these juveniles to learn to fish and survive independently.

"They spend a lot of time on land resting and often choose very public beaches over night. Please give them space, up to 20 metres.

"Thanks to the original caller for reporting this to us."