A POPULAR Cardigan bakery has re-opened its doors this morning.

Originally opened in 2015 on St Mary Street, Bara Menyn Bakery has re-located across the street , providing a range of artisan breads.

Bara Menyn founder Jack Smylie Wild, a finalist in the 2019 Baker of the Year industry awards , said: “I’m driven by a passion for slow food and ethical produce, all our bread is made with organic flour and improves overnight.

“The texture, flavour and crust that develop during this cool, slow fermentation make it something special.”

Reflecting on the race to get the new premises ready for re-opening, Jack said: “I’ve had so much support and best wishes from neighbouring businesses and members of the public – I’m reallt looking forward to serving the community again.”

“I’ve used local traders to get the shop ready for today’s opening wherever possible.

The new shop was officially opened by Cardigan town councillor Clive Davies.

“Walking down St Mary Street towards Bara Menyn, there’s nothing better than the smell of freshly-baked bread in the air,” he told the Tivy-Side.

“Food critic Simon Wright described Jack as ‘a leading light in Welsh baking’ so I’m really pleased that Jack has been able to re-open Bara Menyn and once again add to the unique offer Cardigan town brings to its community.

“There was already a queue outside when I officially opened the bakery - croeso nol, Jack, a pob lwc!”