Four childhood friends will run seven marathons in seven days this month as they aim to raise money for a suicide prevention charity. 

Rufus McGrath, Geordie Wainwright, Jamie Prowse and Sam Lebus will set off along the Pembrokeshire coast on September 12.

The four men will run the 184-mile coast path, which stretches from St Dogmaels in the north to Amroth in the south, and has a total elevation change of 35,000ft – which is greater than the height of Nepal’s Mount Everest/Sagarmatha, the highest mountain on earth.

The Conquer the Coast challenge aims to raise £40,000 for Campaign Against Living Miserably, a movement aimed at preventing young men taking their own lives.

Rufus said: “In these odd times, I know that people can go for a run or bike ride or do exercise to clear their head, but it is only treating the short-term solution.

“CALM can view each individual from a neutral standpoint, calmly and dispassionately, and the fact that CALM is free is incredibly important in tackling this issue.

“We chose Wales and the Pembroke coast for this run as it is so astonishingly beautiful: the sea, the cliffs, the farmland and the totally awesome coastal paths.

“All four of us have felt so much goodwill locally and, though it is a daunting prospect, we are so lucky to be undertaking this challenge here in Wales.”

Geordie said the challenge has already changed the way he approaches the subject of mental health.

“Running is often a solitary activity, so it’s great to feel a sense of togetherness by working together towards a common goal,” he said. 

“Doing this challenge has already helped me develop a different attitude towards mental health issues.

"I now make a conscious effort to ask my friends how they’re doing so I can be there for them."

Jamie said the challenge will test physical endurance and mental fortitude 'like never before'.

"The challenge itself will be incredibly mentally tough, which aligns it with the charity we have chosen," he said.

"It is a cause that is relatable to each and every one of us who has undergone a personal mental health battle or knows a loved one who has."

Sam commented that the challenges of current global circumstances had led him to do the run.

"The focus on mental health illnesses has made me more aware of how problematic the current global circumstances can be for people everywhere," he said.

"Running, for me, has been a real source of strength. It's provided a focus when life feels messy and is often the antidote to a stressful day."

To make a donation, go to Conquer the Coast’s JustGiving page.