Newport will launch an exciting new 18 month project next month to enhance biodiversity, create wildlife-friendly spaces, and improve our knowledge of local wildlife.

It will be funded by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority’s Sustainable Development Fund and led by Newport Area Environment Group.

The project’s vision is to create a network of wildlife-friendly spaces and corridors across Newport and its environs, connecting town and countryside, supported, maintained and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

It intends to provide climate change resilience, but also "colour and birdsong, calm, joy and wellbeing for all."

“You can help by offering a space for trees, and get involved in tree planting events," said project manager Richard Sylvester.

"Trees help to mitigate climate change, but also play an important role in climate change adaptation, providing cooling and shading, helping to reduce flooding, as well as enhancing biodiversity within and about the town.”

All are welcome to the project’s launch at Newport Memorial Hall on Sunday September 12 at 2pm.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Biodiversity officer, Plantlife’s Magnificent Meadows, wildlife gardening practitioners and others will be on hand to offer advice and information on how to get involved.

The project aims to plant a tree for every member Newport’s population, finding carefully chosen sites on public open space and community areas, private land and gardens.

Finally, the project will encourage people to gather observations of wildlife in their gardens, on their walks, in the open spaces and back lanes of Newport and its surrounds, and record them using an existing wildlife monitoring app from the West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre.

Familiar hedgerow flowers and garden birds are more visible ‘indicators’ of the general health of wildlife and habitats. The observations, tree planting and wildlife sites will be used to create a wildlife baseline and a biodiversity map of Newport.

Newport For Nature project launch is at Newport Memorial Hall on Sunday, September 12 at 2pm.

For more information or to get involved in the project contact