A very rare golfing feat occurred at Newport Links Golf Club on Sunday, 1 August, as two players in the same fourball competition managed to hole in one.

It occurred on the 164 yard 16th hole where Wyn "Biffo" Griffiths played his shot first, and Jim Penfold followed him into the hole.

Both played six irons in achieving this very rare achievement.

"It was amazing, two players in the same fourball managed to hole in one, which is every golfer's dream" said Newport Golf Club's members secretary David Lindquist.

"It's a well bunkered green on a tough hole. They both hit the target and it rolled in, and another followed, which is totally amazing.

"We have the occasional hole in one, but par threes at Newport are not easy."

It is estimated that the odds of an amateur making a hole-in-one is 12,500 to 1, and 5,000 to 1 for a low-handicapper -  but odds of two golfers in the same group of four acing the same hole is said to be 26 million to 1.