RESIDENTS of a south Ceredigion village are raising a glass to the reconnection of their water supplies - having been forced to rely on bottled water for the past three days.

People living in Felinwynt, near Aberporth, had told the Tivy-Side that all their enquiries to Dwr Cymru had drawn a blank.

Speaking at the weekend, one resident said: “We’re on our third day with virtually no daytime running water.

“Thursday we had only two hours of daytime water - yesterday about five hours. This morning it was off again by 8am.

“Explanations from Dwr Cymru vary from the pump being too old or too small to meet the demands of the village, or that there has been a burst pipe or power cut, the fuse has tripped or that there is no water coming into the pipe.

“So we’re all paying for a service that isn’t being delivered and are given a variety of explanations, but never a solution.”

Dwr Cymru, who have now supplied every household in the village with a pack of bottled water, have been asked to comment on the situation.

UPDATE: Residents report the issue was addressed by Welsh Water on Sunday after engineers revealed a burst at the nearby MoD base had affected supplies.

They are now looking at ways of addressing ongoing problems caused by 'intermittent' electricity supplies.