The board of trustees of the Pembrokeshire Federation of Women’s Institute (PFWI) met earlier this month, where they made a presentation to the chair for her hard work and support throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Across the last year Jenny Longland 'has steered the PFWI ship successfully though uncertain times, and her positivity is infectious.'

The meeting earlier this month, which was held in the glorious sun at Scolton Manor in Haverfordwest, was only the second face-to-face meeting in as many months.

Jenny was rewarded before the meeting with a card and several gifts as a thank you from the board of trustees for how she had managed the PFWI during the pandemic.

A spokesperson said: "It has been an unprecedented 15 months and every team needs a strong leader.

"Amongst other things, Jenny has ensured that all WIs in Pembrokeshire have a buddy on the board they can liaise with. She has worked tirelessly with the committees to ensure that they are still delivering regular events.

"Thank you to Jenny for all that she has done it is very much appreciated."

PFWI celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, but many events will be rescheduled for next year, when the 'Pembrokeshire Federation of Women’s Institute 100th + 1 year' anniversary will be celebrated.