CARDIGAN councillors are eager to mark the achievements of two well-known musicians from the town who passed away within days of one another last month.

David R Edwards, who died in Carmarthen at the age of 56, formed the seminal Welsh language band Datblygu while still at school in Cardigan.

And Wyn Lewis, a founder and mainstay of both the band Ail Symudiad and hugely-influential Cardigan label Fflach Records, lost his long fight against pancreatic cancer at the age of 61.

“It was sad to say farewell to two shining characters from Cardigan,” Cllr John Adams-Lewis – a retired schoolteacher – told colleagues. “Both were ex-pupils of mine.

“Wyn had been a member of this council since 2017, but had served his first term as councillor back in 1997.

“His main interest was always music and losing such a character is a great loss.”

Cllr Adams-Lewis added that considering the influence of Datblygu it came as no surprise that the death of Mr Edwards has also attracted a host of tributes, including one from First Minister Mark Drakeford.

“I am grateful to have known both of them and my sympathies go to the two families in their loss,” he said.

“We as a council should do something to honour a pair of musicians who have helped put Cardigan on the map.”

Cllr Elaine Evans wondered whether – in view of the amount of local music talent – a memorial concert could be staged.

Cllr Steffan Morgan revealed that both himself and Cllr Richard Jones were already exploring the possibility of holding just such an event – possibly within the grounds of Cardigan Castle.

Cllr Adams-Lewis suggested in addition a memorial plaque while Cllr Evans felt a mural would be more fitting and it was agreed to fully discuss possibilities at a future meeting.