COUNCILLORS in Aberporth have conveyed their concerns over ‘the worrying rise of second homes in Welsh coastal villages’ to MS Elin Jones.

The move comes after members voiced fears that plans for new houses in the centre of the village would ‘inevitably’ end up being sold for second homes or holiday lets.

“Aberporth presently enjoys a vibrant bilingual social mix but there are concerning indicators that more properties within the village are being bought as second homes - particularly those with a sea view,” they say in the letter.

“Second homes that are only lived in a few weeks a year impact on community resources such as transport, schools, shops and local facilities.

“While we realise that we cannot stop market forces we urge you as our MS to call on the government and the local authority to ensure steps are taken to ensure there is a sustainable housing balance within our communities.”

Councillors say they are also concerned at the lack of ‘much-needed’ sheltered housing for elderly in the village.

Council chairman Aled Thomas said the issue of second homes did not simply affect Aberporth and neighbouring villages but the whole of Wales.

“Covid has seen property prices forced up and locals are finding themselves priced out of the market,” he told the Tivy-Side.

“And when you get older people moving into the area they’re obviously not going to contribute as much to the local economy as those of a working age.

“On top of that, the number of homes which remain empty for much of the year are clearly not going to help local businesses as those households which are occupied all-year round.”