CARDIGAN town councillor John Adams-Lewis is calling for the 40 mph speed limit above the town by-pass to be extended all the way to Penparc in a bid to slow vehicles approaching Cardigan along the A487 from the north.

His call comes after a jack-knifed lorry saw the trunk road closed for several hours earlier this month a couple of hundred metres beyond the Caemorgan Road junction.

“The bend where it happened is not known as ‘Killer Bend’ for nothing,” he told colleagues. “It was a miracle that no-one was killed or seriously injured that day.

“Last year we wrote to the Minister Ken Skates asking for an extension of the 40 mph zone from Caemorgan Road up to Penparc.

“This would make common sense because there is only three-quarters of a mile to the village where drivers cannot overtake.

“And the fact there are two successful businesses situated along there means vehicles are always pulling out onto the highway throughout the day.”

Cllr Adams-Lewis suggested the council should renew their demands for such an extension as well as enlisting the support of MS Elin Jones and MP Ben Lake.

“This is a dangerous spot,” he added. “We want to have a pavement or maybe even a cycle path there, but something terrible is going to happen if nothing whatsoever is done.”