CARDIGAN town councillors have expressed dismay on learning that Ceredigion County Council have axed three town centre bus services as they are not attracting enough passengers.

Cllr John Adams-Lewis said the local authority had been forced to wield the axe because not enough people were using them.

“This really is a case of use them or lose them,” he told fellow councillors. “It is not the fault of Richards Bros who do not have enough drivers as it is.

“It’s a shame that three services have been cut – there should be one at 12.45pm as that was the bus that went around the health centre.

“Could they not cut one instead of three? I certainly think we should write to Ceredigion asking that the 12.45 be reinstated.”

Cllr Sian Maehrlein wondered if the services could somehow by subsidised. “I understand that they cannot run at a loss,” she added.

Cllr Clive Davies suggested that the Green Dragon community bus service could step into the breach.

However, Cllr Yvonne O’Neill warned that all Green Dragon journeys had to be booked 36 hours in advance.

“It is community transport – not a taxi service,” she added.