THE problem posed by a pond which regularly forms on a strip of land on a Cardigan estate remains unresolved, Cardigan town councillors have been told.

Cllr Sian Maehrlein has been raising concerns about the pool which forms in an area of Felinban renowned for flooding for a number of years.

But all attempts to find a solution have been thwarted by question marks over who actually owns the parcel of land.

On Tuesday evening Cllr Maehrlein disclosed that a couple of local residents had renewed calls for action to be taken over something they consider to be a potential hazard for local children.

On occasions locals say water up to half-a-metre deep collects there.

Cllr John Adams Lewis said: “No-one knows who owns the land – when the pandemic is over I will go down and speak to our solicitor to see what our next step might be.”

“The pandemic is here to stay so that could be quite a while,” observed Cllr Maehrlein. “Someone clearly had permission to plant trees there.”

Cllr Adams-Lewis replied that Ceredigion County Council owned the hedge where trees had been planted, but not the area where the pond was situated.

“This situation is not as straightforward as it seems,” he told Cllr Maehrlein.