Plaid Cymru have emphatically held Ceredigion, with Presiding Officer Elin Jones returned to the Senedd for a record sixth term.

She received 16,946 votes, with her majority substantially increased from 2,408 to 12,145.

Jones, who was born in Lampeter and now lives in Aberaeron, has held the seat since its creation in 1999, and has been the Llywydd of the Senedd since 2016.

The Welsh Conservatives came second with 4,801 votes, with Welsh Labour third with 3,345 votes and the Liberal Democrats - who have been second in every other vote since 2003 - finishing fourth with 3,227 votes.

Full results: Elin Jones (Plaid Cymru) 16,946; Amanda Jenner (Welsh Conservatives) 4,801; Dylan Lewis-Rowlands (Welsh Labour) 3,345; Cadan ap Tomos (Welsh LD) 3,227; Harry Hayfield (Green Party) 1,356; Gethin James (Reform UK) 775; Stephanie Evans (Freedom Alliance) 305.

Speaking from behind a face mask, Miss Jones thanked the people of Ceredigion for her sixth election win in a row, whilst describing it as one of the 'strangest' campaigns amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I would like to thank everybody who was been involved in this count, and made it possible for this election to take place,” said Jones, who is a former Shadow Environment, Planning and Countryside Minister.

“I would probably say that this has been one of the strangest elections, and one of the shortest campaigns in terms of our ability to canvas and knock on doors, but I think our ability to work in a positive context, even in the most difficult of times, has hopefully shone through.

"I would like to thank my fellow candidates, but most of all I think the people of Ceredigion deserve the biggest thanks, for giving me the opportunity to represent Ceredigion in the Senedd since 1999."

The turnout in the Ceredigion constituency for the Senedd Cymru Election was 55.4 per cent - just a small drop on the 2016 election.