CARDIGAN town councillors have challenged county council chiefs to witness the difficulties encountered by disabled people in town at first hand.

They have proposed County Hall officers accompany a wheelchair-user around town streets to witness possible pitfalls for themselves.

The move follows a letter to Ceredigion County Council from town resident Carol Evans voicing concern for visually-impaired and disabled residents due to safe zone implications.

Cllr Morvenna Richards, a long-time disability rights campaigner, was wholeheartedly in agreement.

“Getting a wheelchair around town is not as easy as you think,” she told colleagues.

“I’d love someone from the county council to come out and see what obstacles we have to get round.

“There’s a lack of pavement dips on the way to the health centre – I will not stop until our town is accessible to everyone.

“I went to see MP Ben Lake when I was having problems with access and he got it sorted within a year – so how come Ceredigion County Council won’t listen?”

Cllr Sian Maerhlein said she had accompanied a disabled resident on a walk to the Cardigan intregrated Health Centre taking photos of possible pitfalls along the way.

“We sent over fifty to the county council and nothing whatsoever has been done,” she added.

“I’ve been on about this for four years and nothing has been done.

“The road leading to the hospital is an accident waiting to happen and I will not stop complaining until we get a crossing at the bottom.”