As bank holiday approaches, gritters will be out tonight in Ceredigion.

Ceredigion County Council has warned it's residents on social media: "Our gritters will be out on the primary routes overnight on April 30, and as and when needed over the coming days. Take care and keep an eye on the weather forecast."

According to the council website, weather forecasts are received daily from MetDesk by experienced decision makers, who monitor the weather conditions throughout the day and night 7 days a week.

It adds: "When ice or snow is forecast for a route the County Council applies salt to predetermined roads which have been identified as being the most critically important to the majority of the road users in Ceredigion.

"These predetermined or precautionary routes amount to approximately 463km of the county road network, which represents some 20% of the road network of Ceredigion and includes the entire trunk, and principal road system and the most important B, C and Unclassified roads.

"During prolonged periods of severe weather, and upon successful completion of the Trunk, Primary Routes and other routes identified as the principal network, treatment may be given, on a priority basis, to include these other roads, footways, cycleways and car parks.

"Where accumulations of snow have formed, snow clearing of roads by conventional ploughing is undertaken and in extreme circumstances, snow blowers, excavators and loading shovels are deployed.

"The Council also maintains a significant number of salt bins to allow self-help by motorists and pedestrians, mainly on parts of the network away from the precautionary routes at known trouble-spots throughout the county."