Cardigan Neighbourhood Policing Team and Ceredigion Housing Department have received reports of increasing anti-social behaviour by a group of youths in the Cardigan area.

The youths, aged between 7-12 years, were reported to be throwing stones and sharp objects into people’s gardens, and using foul language outside the properties.

No damage was caused to any properties and no one sustained any injuries.

Cardigan Neighbourhood Policing Team said they were aware of concerns from people living in the Cardigan area, and would like to reassure the community that action is being taken to ensure that town remains a safe and welcoming place for all to visit.

Following a number of reports of anti-social behaviour, an increase in patrols will be seen in the town area, with the aim of tracking the issues reported.

Cardigan Neighbourhood Policing Team stated on social media: "Anti-social behaviour has a negative impact on the quality of life of residents and will not be tolerated within our communities. Anyone caught committing an act of anti-social behaviour will be dealt with.

"We would like to remind parents that the actions of their children are not the responsibility of the police.

"No one should have to put up with anti-social behaviour and we would encourage the community to contact Cardigan Police to report any issues on 101, or in an emergency, via 999."