A CARDIGAN trader has taken up pole position in protest at increased signage in the town.

Philippa Noble, of Castaway Fishing Supplies, has found a novel way to register her objections against the recently-installed pole on College Row.

It has been planted along with others in preparation for signage along Ceredigion County Council’s proposed traffic diversion route which would see buses diverted from High Street down College Row and Greenfield Square - all as part of Cardigan’s revised Safe Zone.

"These roads are too narrow to cope with such heavy traffic,” said Philippa. “A bus will struggle to make the turn onto College Row and once it does, pedestrians are at risk of being clipped as the pavement is so narrow.

“There isn't a pavement at all on some parts of the route so it's obviously dangerous. It goes to show that these council officers don't know enough about our town to be making such radical decisions.

“This particular pole obstructs access for wheelchair users and pushchairs. It's a joke! Council officers insist these changes are temporary but the poles are set in concrete and look permanent.“

Philippa is now looking for other wannabe pole dancers to try out the other poles along the route. "Bring your own tassels!" she said.