THE Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Authority have published their Corporate Plan for 2021–2026.

The Corporate Plan sets out the Authority’s four Strategic Aims for the next five years, along with its Improvement and Well-being Objectives for the year ahead.

Cllr Jan Curtice, Chair of Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Authority, said: “We are committed to investing in our people and making the best use of our assets and resources, ensuring our staff are fully equipped to deal with emergencies and better protect themselves and the communities they serve.

“As we continue to meet the financial challenges ahead, we will also look to develop innovative solutions to ensure the provision of cost effective and high-quality services”.

Chief Fire Officer Chris Davies said the service cost £4 per month per person, or 14p per day.

Since 2006 they had slashed their budget by 20 per cent – or £9 million.

“We believe that we are extremely good value for money, however there is no avoiding the fact that the financial climate we are currently operating in will continue to place additional pressures on the levels of service we provide, as we stretch our resources even further,” he added.

“We will therefore continue to play our part by seeking opportunities to identify cost effective solutions through on-going and open discussions with staff and the public, around how we can continue to make improvements and future efficiencies.”