AN unfortunate seagull, which was electrocuted after alighting on a power cable in Aberporth last week, is believed to have triggered a mini power cut in the village.

The incident, which happened last Tuesday, saw houses in Dyffryn Terrace as well as numerous homes on the nearby Brynglas housing estate left without electricity for a few hours.

One local dogwalker, who declined to give his name, told of subsequently coming across the singed body of the seagull beneath power lines on Heol y Felin.

“It was lying on its back with a somewhat stunned expression on its face,” he told the Tivyside. “I think it’s no exaggeration to state the poor thing must have received the shock of its life.”

Local photographer, Gilly Llewelyn, who also happened across the seagull said: “I actually saw the same thing happen at Helyg Fach many years ago – apparently if seagulls contact two wires at the same time they go bang!”