CONCERNS have been raised at the amount of dog mess on the pavements in Cardigan.

The road from Theatr Mwldan up past the health centre at Rhodfa’r Felin was highlighted by Cllr Elaine Evans at a meeting of the town council.

“I have been walking up there on a morning and it is really bad,” said Cllr Evans, who has also raised the issue with Ceredigion County Council.

“I know other councils such as Liverpool have used spray paint on the pavements to try to encourage people to pick up after their dogs.

“It may deter people a bit more, because honestly its awful in and around the pavements in town, and it spoils it for responsible dog owners and pedestrians. How do other councillors feel about doing that?”

Cllr John Adams Lewis feared that signage would make little difference.

“It does not matter how many signs we put up if people can’t be bothered,” he said.

Cllr Catrin Miles added: “There is a strong lobby at the moment for bringing back dog licences because of fouling and to encourage responsible ownership. There are also concerns over dogs being stolen.”

However, Cllr Yve O’Neill said she did not think that was the answer either.

“A dog licence will not make people pick up the mess,” she said.

Councillors asked for Ceredigion to provide a bin in the area ands to look at the return of dog licences.

Ceredigion launched its ‘Your Dog Your Job’ initiative in late March 2020 which coincided with the onset of the initial wave of Covid-19 and the national lockdown and has not yet been fully implemented.

“We are continually trying to raise awareness that bagged dog waste can be disposed in any general waste litter bin in Ceredigion,” said a spokesperson.